San Diego Home Owners Savings: Surprising Ways To Bring Fun Back In Your Weekend

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Money Savings

With San Diego’s ongoing water drought, investing in artificial turf is not only smart, but also eco-friendly. Who doesn’t want to save 50% to 80% on monthly water bills? Say goodbye to broken sprinkler heads, damaged irrigation pipes, and water loss. Join the Go Green movement, make a difference by minimizing carbon footprints and unnecessary spending. Please keep in mind water conservation is imperative with San Diego’s on going drought. Call us today 855-899-1799 and switch to artificial grass.

Environmental Benefits

artificial grass and love

Increase monthly savings and stop polluting the environment with synthetic fertilizers.  Artificial grass helps keep these toxic agents from entering San Diego’s bays, oceans and lakes. Studies have found that lawn mowers can pollute air as much as eleven (11) cars! The benefits of synthetic turf are many, it requires no mowing, trimming, watering, or fertilizing. It never dies and greatly reduces your monthly water bill, artificial grass is very natural-looking, fooling all of us into thinking is real, unless closely inspected.


fake grass and cute dog

Worried about your four legged family members? Relax, artificial turf is safe and comfortable for animals. With a variety of colors, lengths, and shapes, customizing your yard to your pet’s needs has never been easier, and they will thank you for it. Furthermore, artificial grass is perforated for drainage, sanitary and anti-microbial infill make for an easy clean up. No more friendly paw prints throughout the house, this additional benefit eliminates mud and dirt from staining furniture and flooring.

At Home Putting Green

Artificial Grass Putting Green

What is fun for the family and low maintenance entertainment? A wonderful, personalized putting green addition for the backyard. Synthetic turf comes in many shapes, our team members are here to help create an attractive, undulated design with custom breaks, and seating areas for your guests. Improve your golf game while spending quality time and weekends with your family.


artificial grass and playgrounds

Now a days children grow up too fast, cherish them by creating memories. So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc. is here to bring imagination to reality, together we can design the perfect playground area for your family. Certified lead-free turf is designed to look chic, while keeping safety first, So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc., will help you select the perfect padding to meet falls of all ratings. Celebrate kids birthdays, events, family gatherings in the privacy of your newly remodeled backyard. Act now, call today and begin capturing smiles, silly moments, by turning them into beautiful portraits.

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SoCalSan Diego Home Owners Savings: Surprising Ways To Bring Fun Back In Your Weekend