San Diego Home Owners Savings: Surprising Ways To Bring Fun Back In Your Weekend

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Money Savings

With San Diego’s ongoing water drought, investing in artificial turf is not only smart, but also eco-friendly. Who doesn’t want to save 50% to 80% on monthly water bills? Say goodbye to broken sprinkler heads, damaged irrigation pipes, and water loss. Join the Go Green movement, make a difference by minimizing carbon footprints and unnecessary spending. Please keep in mind water conservation is imperative with San Diego’s on going drought. Call us today 855-899-1799 and switch to artificial grass.

Environmental Benefits

artificial grass and love

Increase monthly savings and stop polluting the environment with synthetic fertilizers.  Artificial grass helps keep these toxic agents from entering San Diego’s bays, oceans and lakes. Studies have found that lawn mowers can pollute air as much as eleven (11) cars! The benefits of synthetic turf are many, it requires no mowing, trimming, watering, or fertilizing. It never dies and greatly reduces your monthly water bill, artificial grass is very natural-looking, fooling all of us into thinking is real, unless closely inspected.


fake grass and cute dog

Worried about your four legged family members? Relax, artificial turf is safe and comfortable for animals. With a variety of colors, lengths, and shapes, customizing your yard to your pet’s needs has never been easier, and they will thank you for it. Furthermore, artificial grass is perforated for drainage, sanitary and anti-microbial infill make for an easy clean up. No more friendly paw prints throughout the house, this additional benefit eliminates mud and dirt from staining furniture and flooring.

At Home Putting Green

Artificial Grass Putting Green

What is fun for the family and low maintenance entertainment? A wonderful, personalized putting green addition for the backyard. Synthetic turf comes in many shapes, our team members are here to help create an attractive, undulated design with custom breaks, and seating areas for your guests. Improve your golf game while spending quality time and weekends with your family.


artificial grass and playgrounds

Now a days children grow up too fast, cherish them by creating memories. So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc. is here to bring imagination to reality, together we can design the perfect playground area for your family. Certified lead-free turf is designed to look chic, while keeping safety first, So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc., will help you select the perfect padding to meet falls of all ratings. Celebrate kids birthdays, events, family gatherings in the privacy of your newly remodeled backyard. Act now, call today and begin capturing smiles, silly moments, by turning them into beautiful portraits.

Call 855-899-1799 for a FREE consultation and quote! 

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SoCalSan Diego Home Owners Savings: Surprising Ways To Bring Fun Back In Your Weekend

Custom Concrete Design

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Beautiful Concrete Design by So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc.

Did you know custom concrete such as driveways, patios, or front walkways may increase the value of your home? A patio remodel can easily turn a backyard into a beautifully designed outdoor feature. Bringing imagination to reality by creating a living space that compliments your lifestyle is our motto. Call today 855-899-1799 for a free consultation and quote. Together, let’s create the perfect relaxing space, where you can relax, entertain, and cook for friends and family. Patios and outdoor kitchens are making a huge comeback in the real estate market, the time is here, set your property apart from the rest with an exquisite custom concrete remodel by So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc.

A cost effective way to increase the value of your home is a custom concrete remodel. The quickest and most effective way is to invest in exterior upgrades, according to Remodeling Magazine.  Newly renovated driveways will capture potential buyers and boost curb appeal.

Concrete can be easily molded, customized to any shape. Did you know you can stamp and stain stylish designs and colors to any concrete slab? Another great benefit to custom concrete design is the durability and longevity of this upgrade, frequent repairs aren’t needed, concrete structures are durable and gain strength with age.

Hiring a licensed contractor has unparalleled benefits to homeowners. According to Angie’s List contractors must demonstrate proof of insurance as part of obtaining a trade license or registering in a majority of states. Furthermore, unlicensed contractors put their own clients at risk if someone’s injured on the job. So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc. for all of your home renovation projects.

Thank you for stopping by! Call 855-899-1799 for your free consultation and quote.


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SoCalCustom Concrete Design

Stunning Staircase Remodels by So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc.

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“Creating a living space that compliments your lifestyle”

Let your stairs do the closing! Did you know a staircase remodel can increase the value of your home? Whether you are thinking about selling or buying a home, beautifully designed stairs will reinforce the overall feel and tone of your home as potential home buyers walk through the front door. A staircase is a graceful way for people to move between floors. A beautifully designed staircase can be one of the most captivating permanent furniture in your house.

At So Cal Home Remodeling, our design team of  experts are here to assist you while bringing visions to reality. Elegance, infused with style and design, will create a beautiful first impression, also, distinguishing your home from your neighbors may turn your transaction into a quick sale. In this market, many properties are for sale, unfortunately, most of them are similar with identical floor plans. Realtors will feature a gorgeous entrance, beautiful stairs and railings on websites, flyers, and marketing platforms to increase visibility and attract serious buyers.

The time is here, set your home apart from the rest! Call us 855-899-1799 for a FREE consultation.

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SoCalStunning Staircase Remodels by So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc.

Relaxing Sun-Room Remodels

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Relax and enjoy your down time in your newly remodeled sun-room! . Did you know a sun-room can increase your home value? If you’re thinking of adding or remodeling an existing sun-room your house, So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc, is your company! We are here to bring your imagination to reality! We offer free consultations with quotes, a full team of professional designers, and financing.

Are you inspired by a beach style sun-room? Perhaps a more traditional sun-room with vaulted ceilings and terra-cotta flooring to bring your creativity out? What about a gorgeous fireplace addition to your existing sun-room? From beautiful custom interiors, glass ceilings, or floor-to-ceiling windows, why not increase the value of your home while enjoying your peaceful surroundings. Our design team is here to bring your imagination to reality!

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SoCalRelaxing Sun-Room Remodels

Modern Love: Bringing Imagination to Reality

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So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc., understands the importance of kitchens, as they are the center hub and heart of today’s home. Integrating design, style, and functionality are focus points when consulting with clients.

Starting the renovation process is exciting, personalize this space with your vibrant personality and decor. Warm rustic hardwood floors have a beautiful way to combine contemporary and provincial characteristics together with white flat-panel cabinets, quartz countertops, white ceramic backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and industrial-style pendants which add a unique lighting style above the kitchen island.

So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc., treats every project with personal attention and dedication. Crown molding adds an elegant finish to any room, placed around the perimeter of this kitchen’s ceiling, it unifies cabinets for continuity softening the transition between wall and ceiling.

“Before you build, determine exactly how much cabinet space you’ll need and pre-plan the placement of dishes and groceries,” advises McGilvray. “You want function near storage.” These homeowners keep their everyday dishes in the hutch, so the dishwasher was placed in the island to the right of the sink to make unloading easy and painless.

Modern love for kitchen design is imperative for all contractors in order to develop a trusting relationship with homeowners, at So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc., you will find passionate designers who thrive in bringing your imagination to reality. Call 855-899-1799 for your FREE consultation and quote.

Thank you for stopping by!

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SoCalModern Love: Bringing Imagination to Reality

Patio vs Deck Design

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“Creating a living space that compliments your lifestyle”

Are you still thinking about a patio remodel? Perhaps a beautiful fire pit? Maybe a deck is more appealing to you? Our expert designers are here to help you navigate through the renovation process. Call today for a free consultation and quote 855-899-1799



There’s nothing more chic than patios featuring stylish fire pits, built-in barbecues or outdoor kitchens, romantic sitting areas making them the perfect relaxed getaway. Patios are a delightful lounging area, incorporating design functionality and concrete or wood materials, will create a brilliant place to dine, gather, and entertain loved ones.


Beautiful decks are another great option, they may be built off of the lower floor of a property, such as the master bedroom, living room or kitchen, or they might be added to an upper level room or even on a rooftop setting. Decks are customized to our clients needs/wants with gorgeous railings, embellished decorative spindles, built-in seating areas, glass-panels to block wind/rain while capturing beautiful views, or an entry feature can turn your deck into a magical area.


Fun Facts :

  1. According to the Zillow Home Value Index the median home value in California is $450,600.
  2. California home values have gone up 5.6% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 2.6% within the next year.
  3. It’s still a sellers’ market, but a stronger economy could mean that things will improve for home-buyers.

Time to live your dream life, why not increase your home value in the process? So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc, brings imagination to reality. Call today for your free consultation and quote 855-899-1799!

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SoCalPatio vs Deck Design

Top 5 Questions To Ask Before A Remodel

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With the close of 2015, it’s crunch time for some homeowners. Time to gather, organize, and file receipts for your valuable accountant. As you calmly sit at the kitchen table with your thoughts, you begin to panic — the family is visiting for the holidays  you notice the chipped paint of the crowded counters, then you quickly look to your left, only too see old, outdated cabinets. Eeek!  As if this visual isn’t enough, you remember the fridge is malfunctioning and isn’t energy efficient. What are your thoughts now? You guessed it! It’s time for a “kitchen remodeling project”!  While at it, why not collect instead of paying this tax season?

For tax purposes, a home improvement includes any work done that substantially adds to the value of your home, increases its useful life, or adapts it to new uses. These include room additions, new bathrooms, decks, fencing, landscaping, wiring upgrades, walkways, driveway, kitchen upgrades, plumbing upgrades, and new roofs.The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit is a hefty tax credit worth 30 percent of the full cost of renewable energy systems such as solar hot water heaters, solar electric equipment, and wind turbines.

What are the top 5 questions to ask before a remodel?

1. Is my budget realistic? 
Be sure to have a realistic budge. Setting an amount you don’t wish to exceed will facilitate planning and design options between you and the selected contractor.

2.  What is my expected timeline?
With the holidays upon us, kids out of school, family and friends visiting, will a remodel work with my schedule? Or, will it hinder my ability to enjoy this time of the year? If this works with your lifestyle, and you believe will benefit you, then make the appropriate plans and proceed ahead.

3. Is your contractor licensed, bonded, and insured? 
Hiring a licensed contractor offers peace of mind and protections to the property owner, especially regarding residential property. First of all, a contractor can not obtain a state license without possessing a minimum amount of experience, and must pass a business management test. The applicant also may be subjected to a criminal history background check, and must not have any unresolved contracting complaints outstanding. Protect yourself, your home, and mostly your pocket! Would you undergo surgery with an unlicensed surgeon? We didn’t think so! Your chosen contractor should hold their own contractor insurance. What happens if you hire an uninsured contractor and workers hurt themselves on your property? Accidents happen, protect yourself so you don’t find yourself in the midst of a legal battle, countless court appearances, and lawyers trying to dip into your finances.

4. Were your recent jobs similar to my project? If so, can I see images of before and after remodels? 
Why not have a clear vision of what is possible? It may give you additional ideas of what the scope of work the contractor can do. For example, some homeowners may feel stuck with original and odd shaped layouts, when in actuality, the hired contractor can customize layouts to fit your lifestyle, resulting with a beautiful and functional kitchen.

5. Who is the main contact person for my project?
How do you identify a good relationship? Yes, communication! Weather personal or business, open communication is the foundation of a successful partnership. Building trust goes both ways, clients must be able to effectively address concerns, expectations, and questions regarding projects, materials, crew members; general contractors have key individuals within the company who are responsible to provide ongoing client support, updates, and progress of their projects.

Please feel free to use the contact form above or call us anytime at 855-899-1799

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SoCalTop 5 Questions To Ask Before A Remodel