Relaxing Sun-Room Remodels

by SoCal on January 21, 2016 , 2 comments

Relax and enjoy your down time in your newly remodeled sun-room! . Did you know a sun-room can increase your home value? If you’re thinking of adding or remodeling an existing sun-room your house, So Cal Home Remodeling, Inc, is your company! We are here to bring your imagination to reality! We offer free consultations with quotes, a full team of professional designers, and financing.

Are you inspired by a beach style sun-room? Perhaps a more traditional sun-room with vaulted ceilings and terra-cotta flooring to bring your creativity out? What about a gorgeous fireplace addition to your existing sun-room? From beautiful custom interiors, glass ceilings, or floor-to-ceiling windows, why not increase the value of your home while enjoying your peaceful surroundings. Our design team is here to bring your imagination to reality!

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SoCalRelaxing Sun-Room Remodels