Wendy L, Houzz

by internetizeme on March 21, 2014 , Comments Off on Wendy L, Houzz

I am a longtime client of Socal home Remodeling. Projects they have done for me have included most recently refinishing my deck to a bathroom makeover. I trust them to do anything. And besides that they are clean and respectful!

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internetizemeWendy L, Houzz

Shawn S, AngiesList

by internetizeme on March 21, 2014 , Comments Off on Shawn S, AngiesList

Very pleased with SoCal home remodeling. Owning a couple of rental properties, I am often in need of construction companies for various projects.
I have contracted SoCal in order to perform a full bathroom and kitchen remodeling on an older (seventies) build.
The bidding phase went perfectly fine and, refreshingly, I wasn’t pushed into signing, and the price was perfectly okay. I strongly believe in NOT choosing the cheapest fly by night contractors anyways so I was ready to sign.After selecting my choices of tiles, wood, paint and cabinets, the project was started. Workers were somewhat punctual and respectful to the property.
Other than few minor corrections (i.e. one of the cabinet doors wasn’t shutting properly and one kitchen tile was nicked) I was very pleased with how this project went as well as with the final product. Not having to deal with damaged piping and wiring (happens more than you would think when remodeling a kitchen) was a big plus. Cleanup was fast and somewhat thorough.
All in all, a job well done.

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internetizemeShawn S, AngiesList

Ivana T, Yelp

by internetizeme on March 21, 2014 , Comments Off on Ivana T, Yelp

So we’re still pretty early with our solar install, just turned the system on a couple of weeks ago. So far so good, I’m very pleased. I had solar work done earlier at another location and I can’t say I wasn’t satisfied before with another company. I would have used them but these guys were closer and cheaper for what I needed this time. We went with a ground mount system since our house has no south facing roof. Definitely go with a roof mount if you can. System seems to be functioning well and we’re hoping to be saving a substantial amounts of money. It’s quite a process from start to finish but Socal did a great job and would recommend them to anyone.

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internetizemeIvana T, Yelp